GOT COACH? Grasshopper Lessons #1

GOT COACH? Grasshopper Lessons #1


If there is a guy I trust as a business and high performance coach, this guy is Dennis McCough. I got to know him by accident, “or not” like we say… after meeting someone, who knew someone who works on the coaching system, his Growth Coaching Systems.  Over the last 17 years many of my great experiences and connections began with countless networking & luck. Suddenly, I was sitting at Dennis’ office and ready to change the way I perceived business and life. This is what I believe good coaches do.

His teachings are direct and your part – your willingness to be present.

Be coachable. Success comes from accountability through coaching. Coaches empower you to develop and define a personal and professional vision of success, usually greater than that which you are capable of developing yourself. However, you cannot personally be accountable to your own vision. If you want to succeed quickly, allow a coach to hold you accountable to your defined vision.” – “Coach” Dennis McGough

I am sharing my experience (above – fun picture with my coach) from May 10th, when I was invited to participate in an innovative activity his team promotes every month.   “10X TANK MASTERMIND EVENT “– a novel and engaging meeting concept in a safe environment. Entrepreneurs and business minded like people get together to practice their messages and help each other in learning about visibility, attraction, leads and profits.

Learning how to delivery your message is key for closing your deals. Having a fresh sets of eyes and ears (much like new customers) looking at your message and helping you, it will improve and accelerate your business. We all know we can lose audience after the first five minutes of the conversation, right? I hope I got you up to here …therefore the rest is up to you “Be coachable” and welcome your success.

The next 10X TANK Mastermind is next June 14, if I were you I would check it out! Come practice your message!10X TANK People


About the author:

GC2Mariza Alvares has held Management and Executive positions in the Oil and Gas, Education and Retail fields. Alvares forte is Corporate Development with emphasys on Marketing Strategies for startups and semi mature companies which are willing to fast-track their revenue growth.  Most recently founded Perfect Consulting Group™. Perfect Consulting Group™ is a market leading organization that provides More Than Just Advice™ to its clients. Accellerating and growing business with real deliverables.