PETROLESSONSStartup online training platform,, the first peer-to-peer online training portal dedicated to the Oil and Gas industry calls for experienced Oil and Gas professionals to author, publish and sell their knowledge. They aim to bridge the knowledge gap in the industry by offering online video courses, webinars and live virtual classrooms that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.


Unemployed No More: Creates Opportunities for Oil & Gas Workers

Petrolessons has created the world’s first portal through which skilled and experienced gas and oil professionals can package and sell their knowledge in the form of online video courses making 70% of net revenues. The concept brings together a number of timely factors, the most critical being that the current glut of layoffs is only a temporary matter. The eventual – and largely inevitable – future rise in oil prices will once again open up thousands of jobs within the industry. More important is the coming widening of the workforce gap as baby boomers who currently dominate the industry begin to retire. According to drillinginfo, an estimated 71 percent of the workforce in oil and gas is 50 years of age or older. The downturn is just accelerating their exit. Something needs to be done to help workers create revenue streams and to help the industry bridge the skills gap!

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